What’s a Flight Club?

There is a another, less obvious option for the savvy student pilot. Flying Clubs are businesses that require monthly or annual membership fees, which help keep the club operating effectively. As a member, pilots have access to a wider variety of aircraft than what is available at most flight schools. The best part is that Flying Clubs are home to many independent flight instructors waiting to help you earn your pilot’s license. Generally speaking, flight clubs provide aircraft rentals at discounted costs to you, the student. Additionally, flight instruction costs will remain the same, or be slightly lower than most flight schools in the same area. This all means you can achieve your dream of flying for a significantly reduced cost compared to both Part 141 and 61 schools. Flight clubs are a well kept secret in the aviation community. Because of their legal designation, flight clubs themselves are not allowed to advertise their services, or they loose the privileges they qualify for as a non-commercial airport operation.